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  • Getting Started with Iron

    After having dealt with far too much PHP, and finding python frameworks like Django and Flask ultimately unsatisfying, I’ve decided to try using Rust. The two big contenders at the moment seem to be Iron and Nickel (there is of course also Rocket, but I’m excluding that for now). So I figure I’ll implement the same simple application in both, and see which one I prefer.

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  • Rocket: a contender for web?

    I’ve been getting into Rust recently, and have been extremely impressed with the language, just as a language. However, most of my code ends up in a web application, and thus far Rust has failed to impress in terms of web capabilities.

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Oliver Jensen
Oliver Jensen

Director of Security at Regrello. PhD from and previously Adj. Assoc. Professor at the Universitty of Texas at Austin. Passionate about security and privacy.

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